7th Annual Capacity Building Workshop

7th Annual Capacity Building Workshop

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The Competition Authority of Kenya will host a series of Webinars on 22nd, 23rd and 24th September 2020 during which stakeholders will be trained on various issues relating to competition law enforcement and consumer protection.

The training topics include; regulation of abuse of buyer power, merger analysis in regulated sectors, emergence of consumer agreements and their impact on consumer protection, strategic alliances & competition policy, and anti-trust in times of crisis.

The Workshop will focus on the role of competition law and policy in transforming the economy for the benefit of the consumer, especially in a time of crisis when supply chains are distorted and when some businesses may be tempted to engage in anti-competitive practices.

Stakeholders can register to attend the workshops via the e-mail:symposium2020@cak.go.ke Queries can be directed to Mr. Benard Ayieko on +254 722 484 805


NB: Participation is free of charge.                                        



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