The Competition Authority of Kenya invites stakeholders to register and participate in its 8th Annual Capacity Building Workshop and Symposium on Competition Law and Policy scheduled to take place on various dates between 20th and 29th September, 2021 through a virtual platform.

This year, we have collaborated with the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED) to deliver a comprehensive learning experience by experienced legal and competition law and policy practitioners and experts. 

The Capacity Building Workshop has been divided into three courses, each with six three-hour sessions. The Authority plans to host one session per day, with the first one scheduled to take place on September 20th 2021. The Economics for Competition and Regulation course will cover the core areas of competition economics, including market definition and assessment, merger control, cartels and leniency, abuse of dominance, barriers to entry, and regional competition enforcement.

This teaching format shall also be deployed in the course on Competition and Consumer Protection Law which will cover the core areas of competition and consumer protection law and the Authority’s decision-making process. This course will equip trainees with the relevant regulatory procedures including the legal due process when initiating investigations, inquiries and obtaining evidence as well as the role of economic evidence when developing theories of harm. To enhance learning, participants will be provided with relevant case studies from Kenya.

This year’s Workshop will see the introduction of a new Masterclass course which will cover more advanced topics and which will be disseminated by a team of high-level international and local presenters. The training programme will cover topics with specific relevant competition insights from various jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States. Discussions will also center on the impact of price gouging in markets, regulatory interventions to correct the market distortions as well as developments in merger control, including killer acquisitions and regional cooperation, among others.

As has been tradition for seven years, the event will culminate in the Symposium which is planned for September 28th and 29th 2021. In order to enrich discussions at this year’s Symposium with regard to frontier topics on competition policy and regulation across Africa, the Authority invites stakeholders to submit papers on various topics, with a focus on 4 thematic areas:

  1. Reviewing 10 Years of the Competition Authority of Kenya: Impact Assessment and Comparative Insights
  2. COVID-19, competition enforcement and economic recovery in developing countries
  3. AfCFTA and regional competition enforcement: opportunities and challenges
  4. Competition and consumer protection in Africa, as it relates to digital platforms.

The abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words and should be submitted to and by 10th July 2021. Stakeholders whose abstracts have been accepted will be informed by 19th July 2021 after which they will be required to submit final papers by 10th September 2021. For more details,  download the Symposium Call for Papers document below.

Each of the Workshops and the Masterclass will attract a fee of USD 400 (early bird discounts apply) while the Symposium shall be free. Stakeholders are welcome to register for the various events by filling the booking form below and sending it to the Authority via  You can also make inquiries regarding the events by calling us on +254 (20) 277 9000

Booking Form for 8th Annual Capacity Building Workshop and Symposium

Online Training Programme and Symposium Call for Papers

Course Outlines

ACER 2021 Course Outline_Competition Economics and Policy

ACER 2021 Legal Principles in Competition and Consumer Protection

ACER 2021 Master Class Programme


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