1. Upon receipt of an exemption application form, the Authority shall review and acknowledge receipt of the application within 3 days.
  2. The Authority shall carry out a preliminary review of the exemption application form and make a decision whether the filling is complete within one day
    • If the application is not complete, the Authority shall request for additional information.
    • If complete, the Authority shall initiate the process of gazetting the exemption application to request for submission from interested parties to the transaction within 30 days of the publication.
  3. After the lapse of the gazettement period the Authority shall analyze all the data and information received and presented by the parties and prepare a report with recommendations.
  4. The decision made by the Authority shall be communicated to the parties through a Notice of Exemption Determination within 3 days
  5. Upon issuance of the Notice of Exemption Determination, the Authority shall draft a gazette notice for gazettement.